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Regression Calculator for iPad

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Regression Calculator is an easy-to-use statistical software for regression analysis. It does not require any programming or some sort of command.

There are a couple of options for the input data. You can make it on screen, restore it from that of the last session, generate a random data set, or read it from a file.

Once you have a data set for regression, it is just one click away to get one of the followings:
• OLS(Ordinary least squares) estimates for regression slope parameters
• t-statistics for each slope parameter and its p-value
• Analysis of variance(ANOVA) table
• Other model statistics such as F, R-square, and so on
• Critical values and p values finder for t-distribution and F-distribution
• Residual plot
• Scatter plot for fitted y value

Other notable features are:

• Hypothesis testing on individual slope parameter (t-test)
• Hypothesis testing on model validity(F-test)
• Confidence interval for individual slope parameter
• Variable selection
• Variable transformation

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