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MapApp provides basic geosharing services that are not provided natively by mobile phones that run the Maps application. Use MapApp to share places and interesting sites, or just to let your contacts know where you are, and to place you in their own map.


MapApp makes use of the most straightforward geosharing features. It allows you to create marks on the map (Pins), indicates the time, and your current location. MapApp also manages your individual privacy: you can keep your Pins private, or share them with the contacts in your phonebook.

Our goal is to provide for all your geosharing needs. With MapApp you can find and locate friends on the map, save your own locations, find out which of your friends have visited a city before you and which places they recommend, and more... This is achieved in a simple and elegant way and, most importantly, without threatening your privacy.


* FORGET USERNAMES: MapApp works with your phone number, just as a native application would, and is seamlessly integrated into your phone’s current directory.

* NO LOGIN OR LOGOUT REQUIRED: Don’t register or log in. We are a utility, not a social network. With push notifications, you're always connected.

* YOU DON’T NEED TO ADD FRIENDS: Your phonebook is used to connect with your contacts. You can also share Pins with contacts that don’t yet have the application - they will see the Pins when they download MapApp.

* NO RISK OF LOSS OF PRIVACY: MapApp will only share your location when you want it to. The application will never monitor your position.


* CREATE A PIN AND MARK YOUR CURRENT LOCATION: Create a map of interesting places. You can keep your Pins private or share them with your contacts. Use notifications to communicate your location in real time.

* WHERE EXACTLY ARE YOU? A map view on which you can locate your friends exactly. You will see all those Pins that have been shared with you in the last 6 hours.

* RECOMMENDATIONS IN "THE TIME MACHINE": An innovative way to look at a map that takes ‘time’ into account as a variable. You will see all the Pins that have been shared with you, and contextualize them in time. Let’s bring a new dimension to the map!


* SAVE LOCATIONS: My house, my work, my favorite part of the city ... places where you are often together with other people, and which you may want to share with someone at a later date.

* REMEMBER PLACES: You've been touring around and you'd like to remember a specific place to return to in the future.

* HELP LOCATE YOURSELF: If you meet your friends at a demonstration, or on the beach, or in a busy place, and you want to show them exactly where you are.

* LEAVE PINS ON MAPS OF YOUR CONTACTS: Tell them places you recommend. Pins can be kept on their maps so they are always available.

* INDICATE WHERE YOU ARE, BUT QUIETLY: Use it to say that you're in a particular area, but without sending an message to everyone.

* BE GUIDED: You are touring around and you want to know if you have a friend who has been to that place before.

* OR SIMPLY: Have you ever left your car in a large parking lot and then had trouble finding it?

We'd love you to help us improve MapApp! If you want to comment please send an email to, or follow us on social networks.