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Brave Little Hero: Sand Temple

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Adventure
  • Racing
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In the Forgotten Pyramid lies the Star Diamond, a mystical gem rumored to make all things
visible to the person who holds it in their hands. For eons, it remained in the dark depths
of the ancient burial site of kings past. Yet, its flawless facets cast brilliant beams on the etched walls and cobwebbed corridors. Few knew of its existence and fewer still knew its location. However, there is one that would dare the dangers of the Forgotten Pyramid to attain such a mystical wonder.

You, Idaho Jones, archeologist and adventure extraordinaire, have studied ancient texts and
poured over secret manuscripts. You have struggled through the deepest of jungles and
the darkest of magic to learn the fabled location of the Forgotten Pyramid and the treasure
it holds. A great museum back home is eager to study the Star Diamond's mysterious
power, but you must survive the Forgotten Pyramid first! Built to protect the priceless Star
Diamond at all costs, the Forgotten Pyramid will not give up the gem without a fight.

Using your wit and quick reflexes, escape the twisting corridors, dark magic, and ancient
booby traps before its too late! While watching for flaming blasts, dangerous spears,
and more ahead, beware of the ever-following boulder nipping at your heels! Collect the
abandoned treasures in the Forgotten Pyramid and use them to purchase cutting edge
technology, hand crafted for adventures like you, to gain an extra edge. The Star Diamond
is priceless and beyond compare, but can you survive long enough to enjoy its magical

• One annoyingly large and pesky boulder!
• Real physics for pretty explosions!
• Game center so you can lord your adventuring skills over your friends!
• Achievements for warm fuzzies!
• Leaderboards for additional gloating over your friends!
• Easy to learn because the stress of a boulder is enough for an adventurer like you!
• Loads of utilities, perks, and items for superior adventuring!
• Beautiful artwork because artwork should be beautiful!
• iOS 6.0 compatible because adventuring should never be sacrificed for a new iOS device!

Download Temple Quest today!!!