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Skaterbase is the essential app no serious ice skater should be without. It's a program planner, IJS scoring calculator, video analyser, training journal, cost calculator, blade wear tracker, ISU/IJS code finder and metronome.

* Plan and Design your program - Skaterbase contains a sophisticated program designer. Add your steps and elements, lay them out on the rink, adjust the timings and play it back in realtime. Supports all figure skating disciplines including singles, dance and pairs. Couples and Pairs programs also support separate steps for the lady and the man.

* Easily reproduce printed dance patterns using the camera overlay tool.

* Time your elements for competition entry forms using the element timing utility. Send lists of elements and their timings by email.

* Calculate IJS element scores - Skaterbases program designer incorporates a comprehensive IJS score calculator with adjustable GOE for each element, support for jump combinations and sequences and automatic highlight distribution factoring.

* Analyse your skating videos with zoom, slow motion and frame by frame playback.

* Bookmark key points in your videos and add notes and comments that appear in time with the action.

* Look up plain english descriptions of ISU dance codes and IJS element codes and vice-versa.

* Built in Metronome - the integrated metronome has an adjustable tempo and configurable time signature as well as presets for most popular ice dances and a beats per minute calculator.

* Track your training - record your visits to the rink, the activities you did there and the time spent on the ice. Add notes to sessions or even individual activities.

* Track your blade wear - Skaterbase automatically maintains a running total of your ice time when you record your training and displays the total on the main menu so you can see at a glance when your blades need a grind.

* Track your costs - Skaterbase automatically keeps track of your total costs allowing you to see where your money is going.

* Simple and clear history view allows you to see all this information broken down into monthly or annual reports, view activities by time or cost, graphically assess your on ice time usage or search your session comments.

Other features include;

* Skate time support for multiple pairs of boots.

* Visual time editor - easily work out how much time you spent on the ice with this useful aid.

* Session and Activity templates - set up templates for your common session and activities.

* Email backups - send complete database backups by email. Skaterbase can directly import these files.

* Email programs - send a program design via email. Useful for communications between coach and pupil, distributing dance steps for a social or even distributing routine steps to a synchro team.

* Extensive list of pre-programmed dance step codes and descriptions (over 400 steps and elements are built in).

* Contains SOV's for all single and pair elements as specified in ISU communication 1724.

* Contains SOV's for all dance elements as specified in ISU communication 1739.

* Contains SOV's for all solo dance elements as specified in NISA communication dated Feb 2010.

* New steps and elements can be edited or created from scratch by the user.

* Sophisticated filtering system allows steps and elements to be easily located when creating a program.

* Pop up help guides new users through the creation of programs.