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The digital book applications by COAL SACK mainly publishing literary books, such as poetry books and collections of essays et al. We made them carefully from among our books, including poetic anthologies in Japanese and English on “atomic bombs” and “denuclearization”, an English pattern poetry book, and a collection of calligraphy et al, not only for Japanese people but for people all over the world.


Farewell to Nuclear, Welcome to Renewable Energy A Collection of Poems by 218 Poets

This poetry book will serve as a guidepost, which sends denuclearization all over the world!
The truth of Fukushima is sent to the world both in Japanese and English!

Preface: Ryuichi Sakamoto (musician)
Adorno said “Writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.”
I would like to revise it and say, “Keeping silent after Fukushima is barbaric.”


The long verse poetry book "The heart of the round moon” both in Japanese and English by Mr. Toshimi Horiuchi, an anglicist, English scholar and Japanese-English poet, embodies the poetic thoughts and the way of living of himself. In the Horiuchi poetry, the world of the Trinity is drawn constituted by “the power of life, the power of mind, and the power of feeling.”
- From the expository writing by Ikumi Yoshimura


Haven’t there been probably until now such writing like this as writes down coolly and in a passionate calligraphy the recommendation of living in the present, coinciding hope, dream, and tomorrow? A lot of people who lost relatives and acquaintances, and houses, works, and hometowns in the Great East Japan Earthquake on 3.11, I imagine, continue to hold “the emptiness beyond our imagination” in their mind. I wish those who hold such emptiness, and try to live, looking straight at the power of nature beyond human intelligence and wishing the reproduction of the nature would read with appreciation these Mr. Ohtani’s words which endeavor to change “the emptiness” into “the dream.”
- From the expository writing by Hisao Suzuki

Poetry for the Eye

English pattern poetry. 13 pages of wordbook is also included!This poetry book can be also used as a new form of English learning material.
"Mr. Horiuchi's pattern poetry happens to find out the reasons Japanese people haven’t been able to develop an ability to use English, even though we study it for ten years from junior high school to university. The fundamental problems are to lack in our English education the fun of discovering another world by learning words and phrases, the joy of sharing thoughts and feelings with others in words, and the playful spirit of trying to create new word usages through the interaction between words and realities, et al. "
- From the expository writing by Hisao Suzuki


This is the book in which the author wrote in haiku and essay thoughts about the visits to “old battle fields” not only in Japan but also in Asian countries.

I sincerely hope many young people and children, not to mention grown-ups who are interested in the responsibilities of war will read this book, so that they may get to learn the tragedies of war and the preciousness of peace.

From the expository writing by Hisao Suzuki

God’s Tears

The thoughts, which an American author writes about the “atomic bombs”, dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Dr. Krieger is the most trustful peace activist among us.
He received the tears in his heart.
I hope President Obama and political leaders of the nuclear weapon nations will read his poems,
And let his message pass over to our global future,
For we should not have hibakusha again.
- From the comments by Hisao Suzuki

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