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KiDDY - dairy, journal and sharing for family

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●Recommended for Mom and Dad!
* have difficulty keeping a diary or a journal.
* want to leave a comment for each photo.
* too busy to manage time for setting kids' photos right.
* concern about the risk of posting kids snaps to SNS.
* feel inconvenient to send photos for grandparents.
* looking for a nice free app for keeping a diary ,a journal, a baby book.

Usage of KiDDY
* Your photos are automatically well organized only by taking snaps.
* Keep family memories and growth record of kids a calender format so as to be easy to look back.
* No risk for privacy leaks because the diary can be shared with members you invite.
* All data of your entry will be saved in a cloud, so that you can keep your moments permanently.
* You can turn photos and comments into postcards, photo books, and DVDs easily. It complete in this app.

●User's voice
* Here are warm and kind (unsparing, sometimes) messages from our fans!
* Picking up some of them from reviews in App Store.

"The most valuable thing is clean and simple usage, easy to post photos. Also, I'm happy to share them with family members. Always writing comments with photos."

"I've kept diary for over 7 months! Sharing with my forks. For my parents, although they live far, they know my kids' daily growth:) So that they often send suitable presents for my kids."

"Just posting photos to this app is complete my family albums! It's nice."

"I'll recommend it to my sisters when they have kids. I'm sure they'll like it!"

*Many people love KiDDY as a photo storage app or a diary/journal app.
*It's easy to continue using longer, easy to keep memories. Why don't you make a gift for grown-up kids?

●If you use a chat app...
* I hesitate a bit to show my kid's snaps to some people.
- You can chose members for sharing your children's pictures.

* I complain about the quality of photos. Although I post high resolution images, they're compressed automatically.
- Since we store original photos and backup photos, you can keep your best quality images permanently.

* It's troublesome to search snaps because they're always buried under comments.
- In KiDDY, your moments appear in a calender format. It's easy to look back!

* It's also troublesome when I delete the app by accident or change to a new smart phone.
- We store your data in a cloud, so even in the case of some accidents, you can always recover your data.

●More use case
* Writing a diary and a journal by hand.
* Thinking about keeping pregnant memories.
* Looking for a nice free app to keep children and family member's memories.
* Hard to continue diary apps such as 23snaps, Keepy, and Famm.
* Fans of Penjamin.
* Searching for an app which has a clean and simple interface.

●Are friends and siblings pregnant?
* Please let them know about "KiDDY". You can do it by tapping "Tell a friend".

●If you have some requirements and questions, or find a bug, please send it from the URL below.

●What is "KiDDY"?
"KiDDY" is the app for parents who have children. You can make family journals and keep them beautiful permanently by taking photos. Check the website for more informations.

●What is "Panjamin Collection"?
The app series for babies' parents. More information is available.

●What is "Penjamin"?
He is a boy penguin in KiDDY's world. You'll see his mom, dad, and other members in KiDDY.