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IP Address Locator - Lookup IP from latest Worldwide IP database

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IP Address Locator - Lookup IP Address Details from latest Worldwide IP database & FREE Monthly updates. Accuracy: Over 99.8% on a country level and 83% on a city level for the US within a 25-mile radius.


* Display Device MAC address & Device IP Address (Internal IP)

* Auto Detect & Locate Your Real Public IP Address
(Powered by

* Check custom IP address details from your input

* IP location Map with auto directions
From your current location to IP address registered location
(Powered by Google Map)

* IP address Analysis Report:

- IP Address Inspector (Domain Tools, Spamcop, SenderBase, Google Groups)

- APNIC Whois Database

- Search Engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo

- Spamhaus (IP Address SBL, XBL, PBL, DBL Block list checker)
If the IP address or domain you are checking is listed in any of block lists above, spamhaus will tell you which one(s) and will give you a link to the exact record. Follow the link. The linked page will explain why the address is listed and what to do to have it removed.

* Customizable Background from your Photos Album

* More details about your public or check IP address:

- IP address Continent Code with full name

- IP address Country Name

- IP address Country Code (2 & 3)

- IP address Region

- IP address City

- IP address Postal Code

- IP address Latitude

- IP address Longitude

- IP address Area Code

- IP address Metro Code

- IP address DMA Code