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HGS Flight

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Experience head-up and eyes-forward flying with the Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) from Rockwell Collins. With this application, you can use your iPad® to simulate flying an approach into Innsbruck, Austria, under a variety of weather conditions. Use the Career mode to build your skill, or take on the Challenge mode with user-defined settings if you are already an expert. Follow the guidance cue in and see just how much our HGS technology helps you fly precisely, every time.

- Your hands hold the yoke - tilt forward to nose down and back to nose up, and turn your device left and right to steer

- Designed by pilots to challenge other pilots, but simple enough to learn that anyone can enjoy

- Get the boss to their meeting on-time with a business jet, or safely deliver your passengers with an airliner

- Pick Career to build your skill, or dive right in with Challenge mode

- Experience all kinds of weather, such as crosswinds, rain and fog

- Use Synthetic Vision to “see” the terrain during day, night or fog

HGS Flight allows you to see real symbology from the head-up displays used in actual airplanes. Use this tool to see how the HGS allows pilots to keep their head up and eyes out of the cockpit, focusing on the challenge at hand.