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Color Angel - a tool for design & daily life

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
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Do you need a reference for colors in home decoration, education, designing, shopping, or daily life?
Do you need to keep your favorite colors to use somewhere?
Do you need color harmonies?
Do you need various colorimetric representations?
Do you want to create colors not in the database?
Then you will need this powerful utility on your hand.

With Colors App on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you will be able to coordinate and maintain colors. It can be used in home decoration, web design, shopping, and anywhere colors are needed.

***** FEATURES *****
Colors database includes:
√ 936 essential color names
√ 380 colors in 12 shades
√ 147 HTML/CSS colors
√ 752 X11 colors
√ 216 WEB-safe colors
√ 4096 WEB-smart colors
√ Your favorite colors

Easy to find a color with:
√ Search(name, hex or RGB value)
√ Index(alphabet or hex)
√ Organize(organize button to change ordering)

Details about the selected color:
√ Hex code with Red, Green, Blue value
√ Analogous colors
√ Complementary color
√ Split-complementary colors
√ Triadic colors
√ Lightness variations(5% step)
√ Saturation variations(10% step)

Color space conversions:
√ HSL, also called HLS
√ HSV, also called HSB
√ CIE L*a*b*
√ CIE L*C*H*
√ CIE L*u*v*
√ Y'CbCr
√ Y'DbDr
√ Y'IQ
√ Y'PbPr
√ Y'UV