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AR People

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Education
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Imagine pointing your iphone or iPad at a still image and bringing it to life with video, audio and interactive features!

The 'AR People' App does just that.

You can create your own 'Auras' and link them to visual triggers in the real world or you can activate content that has been created in collaboration with the 'AR people' and carries the 'AR people' content logo

Now schools, universities, charities and other organisations can teach or raise awareness by connecting powerful video content to images and objects in the real world. Teachers can make lessons and learning more fun by setting video content to emerge from text books, posters or displays in school corridors. The technology can augment paintings in an exhibition with figures seemingly stepping out of the image and narrating, while museums can overlay their artefacts and images with videos or 3D animations that explain their history and importance of the objects or even to show how they might have looked in the past.

How it Works
Simply launch the app and hold the your device over the trigger image, simple.
The app works by recognising Trigger Images –
which could be images in print, objects or real-world locations. Once detected, a number of different actions can occur,
either independently or in sequence:

Images are most typically brought to life with video content. Videos or animations, including transparent channels, can emerge from the Trigger Image with a cross-fade or eye-catching transition effect. The video continues to play in situ, although a “double tap” function can easily be added to allow full-screen mode.

Buttons and Images
Often placed alongside a video, icons or buttons can be set to launch a website or start another action. For example, a user could hover over one page of a catalogue and see a number of buttons appear, allowing access to a mobile website to purchase products.

3D Objects
Full 3D objects may be rendered in real time into the scene. For example, a 3D animated figure could appear on top of a news article. To see what is possible with the Aurasma 3D engine, select “3D Overlays” from the Aurasma menu screen.

How Do I Know Where Auras Are?
For all printed material, content will carry the “AR People” symbol, so that users know to look out for augmented content. There may also be a pictorial explanation to show users how they can bring the content to life.