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Xtreme Beam Vector Arcade

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XTREME BEAM VECTOR ARCADE IS A CLASSIC VECTOR ARCADE GAME APP FEATURING STAR CANNON! The App simulates the vector monitor graphics of the late 1970s and early 1980s arcade games. Play classic vector coin-op style games on your iPad!

The App draws vector lines and points on the screen in a similar manner to vintage vector arcade hardware. Vector lines are silky smooth with a mild glow and NO aliasing, thanks to the XTREME BEAM VECTORLINE rendering engine! On Retina Displays, the Vector lines have incredible detail and sharpness! ALL Graphics within the App, both Vector and Bitmap, support the Native 2048 x 1536 Retina iPad Resolution.

STAR CANNON, the first game within the App, is a classic style vector game using a simulated black and white, bi-level intensity, vector monitor with color overlays and backdrop art. Turn the screen brightness up and enjoy a virtual vector arcade experience on your iPad!

A virtual Arcade Button control panel is located along the bottom of the screen. It contains vintage Arcade Style Art and touch control buttons that resemble REAL ARCADE BUTTONS found on the coin-ops! A Vintage Arcade Style Monitor Bezel surrounds the Virtual Vector Monitor as well!

Choose between the default CLASSIC COLOR Overlay or the DYNALAY Dynamic Color Overlay. DYNALAY changes its color and dynamically color cycles the overlay, control panel, arcade buttons and bezel art during game play. DYNALAY gives the game a look that was not possible in the arcades back in the day. Black and White mode, with no overlay, is optional for a bare B&W vector monitor look. The choice is yours!

Game sound effects are similar to those generated from vintage discrete audio boards. Remember those powerful booming explosions and sounds from the arcades? With good headphones or amplified external speakers, you will think you are in a vintage arcade!

The most popular ARCADE CABINET is supported, so that you can control the action with REAL ARCADE CONTROLS!

Game Center is supported with a High Score Leaderboard. Compete with others to get the highest scores! A local High Score List, with Initials, is also saved directly to your iPad!

- STAR CANNON game info:

The Star Cannon is surrounded by three rotating energy rings. Pilot your space ship and shoot holes in the energy rings to take a shot at the Star Cannon. Avoid the Star Mines that pursue your ship and the deadly fireball projectile of the Star Cannon. Shooting the Star Cannon scores an extra ship and advances to the next wave. As waves progress, difficulty increases.

The game starts out slow then gradually increases to a fast and intense battle between your ship and the Star Cannon. Use the "fly by and shoot" and "screen wrap" techniques for long play duration at intense speeds (just like in the classic arcades). Star Cannon doesn't just look like a vintage vector arcade shooter, it plays and sounds like one too!