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Date Check Pro

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  • Food & Drink
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Date Check Pro™ is expiration date management software that allows for proactive management of inventory expiration dates. Date Check Pro allows stores to track expiration dates on a per product basis, saving labor hours, reducing shrink from expired products, and increasing customer satisfaction. It is designed to eliminate the need to rotate products when stocking and instead brings rotation down to an itemized level. The software can be applied to a large number of items throughout the store including grocery, natural foods, frozen goods, processed meat, and a majority of dairy products.

The native app version of Date Check Pro™ includes an enhanced user interface for a streamlined workflow, barcode scanner, and offline functionality. During periods where your device does not have access to the Internet, all data will be temporarily saved on your device until Internet access resumes.

Features within the Date Check Pro™ native app include:
- Scanner tab with barcode scanner
- Close dated item notifications
- Expired item notifications

In addition, the Date Check Pro™ app is connected with the web-based Date Check Pro™ service, which includes the following additional features:
- Reporting analytics
- Customizable settings
- Out of Stock tab
- Customer support tab