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Carry ーSocial note-taking for destinations

iPhone / iPad
  • Navigation
  • Lifestyle
  • Food & Drink
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“You won't forget destinations that you want to visit anymore”
Easily enter destinations that you want to remember and carry them with you in your smartphone.

Do you find yourself forgetting restaurants and destinations that you were hoping to visit, and then you end up not being able to go to them?
Carry is a social note-taking service for locations that lets you easily enter and easily retrieve destinations that you’d like to remember.

What you can do with Carry
1. Easily add restaurants and destinations to “My list”
2. Take “My list” with you on your smartphone
3. Easily retrieve restaurants and destinations from “My list” (Allows map navigation display and sending maps to friends)

Usage scenarios
Making entries:
● Add trending restaurants and destinations seen on TV and in magazines which pique your interest to “My list” (Restaurants and destinations throughout the world can be added)
● Enter treasured hideaways that you don’t want anyone to know about with the setting “not public” (You are free to choose public or not public)
● When you find yourself enjoying a stylish cafe, add it to “My list” on the spot (Add from a list of possible destinations in the area of your present location with a single tap)
● Add the ramen shop that you heard about from your friend and want to try to “My list” (Since you can check the map display when adding, you can be sure you entered the right place)
● Add the place you went to on a trip today to “My list” while sitting around at home (You can search places that are far away by specifying an area)
● Add a restaurant to “My list” when you can’t remember its name very well but want to visit again (If your photo includes GPS, it will display a list of possible destinations from the area where the photo was taken)

Retrieving entries:
● Retrieve a place you want to go for lunch after this from “My list,” then startup map navigation and head off (You can sort the destinations that have been entered by proximity.)
● Retrieve a list of possibilities for dining out next week from “My list” and make a reservation by phone (If you include tags when making entries, you can retrieve the entries sorted by tag later. One-touch dialing is possible too)
● Retrieve a destination from “My list” in order to tell a friend about a place you went sightseeing earlier (You can sort by order of entry or using tags, so it is easy to find the info you want to give)

Communicating information:
● Send destination information with a map to a friend via email saying, “We’re out drinking right now, want to come?” (Facebook messages, LINE, Twitter, SMS, and email are all supported)
● Send destination information with a map to a friend via email saying, “How about we go here next time?”

Please direct bug reports, requests for improvements, etc. to the contact page in the app menu, Carry’s Facebook page, or @Carry_en on Twitter.
We will do our best to respond in order to make the service better!

Like our Facebook page and we’ll introduce you to recommended submissions (if set to public) that are picked out every day by the Carry team.