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Maze Solver

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
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  • Puzzle
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Maze Solver for iPhone or iPad is a great tool for designing and analyzing mazes quantitatively. The algorithm used to solve the maze is based on the Bellman-Ford algorithm, adapted to allow for diagonal traversals.

With Maze Solver, you can:

- Display maze solution path showing path length (10 units = width of 1 maze cell)

- Simulate mouse running through maze with walls unknown or known

- Edit maze by toggling walls with a touch of your finger

- Zoom in/out with pinch gesture, especially handy on iPhone

- Save mazes inside app

- Render maze as a PDF and email PDF from within app

Currently, the size of the maze is fixed to 16 x 16 cells, with the start square in the lower left and the goal in the center four squares. Note that a few walls cannot be toggled such as those near the start square, those inside the center squares, and of course, the outside boundary walls. Wall sensing is simulated as the mouse navigates through the maze. The mouse, currently configured with over-the-wall forward sensing, can see five forward walls, best described with the underscore and vertical bar characters as follows: _|_|_

If you have any problems or have comments or suggestions for improving this app, please contact us at Your feedback is important to us.