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Project Management Prep with Scrum

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Project Management Prep with Scrum provides exciting and challenging educational-entertainment activities for a wide range of audiences from business professionals to students. This is a unique audio-visual experience therefore the player should activate the sound-volume feature of the device in order to maximize an unparalleled, interactive experience with the exercises.

The objective of Project Management Prep is to entertain the player in a random quiz selection approach with multiple-choice options. Each session consists of 50 randomly selected quizzes having both agile Scrum and linear Waterfall methodologies and their supporting concepts, definitions, terminologies and processes.

These project management preparatory activities include an appreciable amount of Agile Scrum concepts, while presenting a fun-filled, intellectual and challenging way to learn the most up to date concepts and artifacts defined in the project management body of knowledge. This iPad learning game includes a multitude of quizzes covering all nine (9) project management knowledge areas, randomly presented at the touch of a button.  These challenging, intellectual quizzes cover Cost Management, Communication Management, HR Management, Integration Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, Scope Management, Time Management, and Procurement Management.

To obtain full benefit from each Project Management Prep session, the player must respond to all fifty (50) questions. The session ends after fifty questions are answered. At the end of the session, the player is encouraged to continue playing by touching the [START GAME] button for another session of 50 randomly selected quizzes. Besides receiving notice of the final score on-screen at the end of the game, the player can also preview the on-going score by touching the [SCORE BOARD] button at any time, during the game.

- Activities generated randomly from all nine (9) project management knowledge areas
- Player responds to a set of 50 quizzes with multiple-choice options for fun and learning
- Intuitive and easy to understand, play and enjoy. Offers educational benefit to all players
- On-screen instructions guide the player through an interactive experience during the game
- Questions repeated randomly in the sessions to reinforce learning and retention
- A multitude of topics from Agile Scrum and traditional Waterfall methodologies

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