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Bad Spider - The Puzzle Halloween Adventure for iPhone

iPhone / iPad
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It's Halloween again!

Try to collect as much candies as you can if you dare!!! Your life will be the ultimate price for it!!!
Beware of witches, bats, werewolves, skeletons, and black cats!!!

So be careful when you enter this world, because many brave humans were unable to survive The Corn Maze, The Haunted Tower, and The Witch's Kitchen, and nobody collected all the pieces for the Halloween Medal before!

Will you be the one? Be smart, be brave, and collect all the pieces !

Try to match the falling candies by their colors. When you matched 2 or more ,than make them disappear using the collect button. Don't fill up the columns, because your mission is over!
After every 1000 points the candies are coming faster and faster. Can you keep up,and collect all the bonuses to be able to receive the HALLOWEEN MEDAL?

1. LITTLE GHOST: Let the Little Ghost to clear the column for you, when you couldn't matched the balls by their colors! When the Little Ghost flies all away to the spider,without destroying any unmatched candies, He is even more useful for you! It can fill up the Moon for you!

2. FULL MOON: Let the LITTLE GHOST fall into the spider 4 times to fill up the MOON. When you tap on the FULL MOON, for 60 seconds the falling candies will slow down! This could be a huge help after the game speeds up!

3. THE COFFIN: You can check the status of your bonus collection by taping on THE COFFIN! The goal is to collect all the 18 pieces of the HALLOWEEN MEDAL, and stay alive!

4. HALLOWEEN MEDAL: You have to collect 3 X 6 pieces(18 together) through the 3 levels to be able complete the medal! Only the chosen one will do it! Will you be the one?...

When you have collected the Halloween Medal,take a screenshot of it ,and we will send you a code for a FREE app!

5. SPIDER ATTACK: When there is no hope left to collect all the delicious candies, because you couldn't matched them by their colors, and the wheel is full with ICE SKELETONS and BLACK CAT PILLS, the last chance to survive is to start a SPIDER ATTACK! This attack will clear the entire wheel for you, and you can catch your breath before it’s too late! SPIDER ATTACK is an in-app purchase ,and you can get it from the middle of the wheel! Use it wisely!

Introducing the SKELETON! When the SKELETON hits one of the tunnels, it froze all the candies in the tunnel. The only way to clear the SKELETON is to let the LITTLE GHOST fly over it, or use a SPIDER ATTACK. SPIDER ATTACK is a in-app purchase, and you can buy it from the Shop,or from the middle of the wheel.

Introducing the "Black Cat Pill"! Black Cat Pills are the toughest to collect! You need to have at least one Black Cat Pill in each tunnels,(1-1-1-1) to be able to collect them! Be careful, if there is an Ice Skeleton in the tunnel, near the Black Cat Pill,than you won't be able to collect it! You need to destroy the Ice Skeleton first ,by getting help from the LITTLE GHOST or start a SPIDER ATTACK from the middle of the wheel!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Good Luck :) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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