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Chinese Spelling Bee-The Best Way to Learn Chinese

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"The Chinese Character is......"

This is the FULL version of Chinese Spelling Bee-The Best Way to Learn

It is designed for ANYONE who wants to learn Chinese!

Chinese Spelling Bee is the perfect way for you to remember Chinese
characters easily, enjoyably and effectively, and it also challenges your
Chinese vocabulary limit.

IQChinese, the world-renowned 'Type-to-Learn' Chinese courseware developer,
proudly announces the release of a mobile app for our online website, Chinese Spelling Bee.



1. Two types of quizzes: Read & Spell Quiz is for Chinese character
recognition. Listen & Spell Quiz is for Chinese listening and pronunciation.

2. Three modes for each quiz: Classical Mode with no errors allowed, Arcade
Mode with limited time (3 min.), and Practice Mode for you to practice
without restriction.

3. By typing the right pinyin and tone mark for each character or vocabulary
word, you will hear the correct sound spoken aloud and advance to the next

4. Includes 889 characters and 1310 vocabulary words in this version.

5. You have the ability to make your own vocabulary list so you can study
hard-to-remember words.

6. You can see your ranking and the rankings of all your competitors.

7. You can check your personal learning profile to see your TYPING SPEED,
LEARNING EFFICIENCY, how many CHARACTERS AND WORDS you remember, and your
error analysis.

8. Learning Efficiency lets you track how fast you are learning by giving
you the number of new words you remember per day.

9. Our unique algorithm increases your learning curve by repeating words you
get incorrect more often and repeating words you get right less often so
that you learn new words faster.

10. We provide both simplified and traditional Chinese versions. You can
choose your preferred version when you register your account.

Download the Chinese Spelling Bee today and give yourself a chance to learn
Chinese words in a fun way!