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APP Control HD

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Your work day as an air traffic controller is about to start! Seat in front of your radar screen, keep an eye on your flight progress strips, and guide the aircraft in your airspace to maintain safe separation. Like a real air traffic controller, you can give aircraft heading, speed, altitude and approach clearances.

NEW: TRACON / en-route maps playing in the flight levels are now available, with routes and restricted areas!

Do you have what it takes to be an approach controller at a busy airport? Find out, starting with simple scenarios to get familiar with the task, and then move up the stress scale with more runways, more traffic, more conflicts to solve, using layouts and traffic patterns based on real-life airports.

And if this is not enough, get a chance on one of the fantasy airports available from our always expanding scenarios database. These are designed to put you under maximal pressure.

Will you be the best air traffic controller around?

This app reproduces many features of real air traffic control systems, like:
- present position symbol with speed vector and history dots
- different label schemes
- short term conflict alerts
- flight progress strips

The simulation speed can be set to real time, or two, five or ten times faster.