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Video Poker Pro!

iPhone / iPad
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iCloud-enabled Video Poker Pro! will let you play five card draw poker against the "casino", much like the Video Poker machines in casinos around the world.

This game plays the "Jacks or Better" variation - to be a winner, a hand must contain at least a pair of jacks.

Playing is easy - tap one of the Bet buttons, tap Deal to start the hand, tap any cards to hold them, tap the Draw button - did you win?

Try to DoubleUp! After a win a DoubleUp panel appears. You may choose to collect your winnings or try to double them. If you win you can try to double again!

Use iCloud to keep your scores and statistics in sync on all your devices!

Some technical information about the card shuffle and the DoubleUp bonus round:
This app simulates using a single deck of 52 cards. In any casino-style card game, a random shuffle is very important. On a computer, typically even the best we can do is not truly random. Consequently, the shuffle code uses both the pseudo-random number generator provided by iOS and a completely unpredictable, unrepeatable element - the milliseconds digit of the exact time when a button is pressed that requires a new shuffle. The player's play really does have an effect on how the cards comes out, every single shuffle.

For the DoubleUp bonus round, the same 52 card deck is used, but in this casino there will be no ties. The app ensures there are both two cards higher than the dealer's card and two cards lower. This way the player always has exactly a 50% chance of winning in the bonus round.