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Bugs have invaded the house! Get rid of them before they take over!

Each round you will have one minute to exterminate as many pesky bugs as you can. Squash the bugs with your fingers, blast them with a bug bomb, release a potent bug spray, or obliterate them with a huge bug swatter. But be careful! Any bugs that escape will be detected by the Bug-O-Meter. If too many bugs get away, the meter will max out and you'll lose the round.

Your goal: clear all four rooms of the house, and defeat the dreaded Queen Bug!


• Action-packed gameplay
• 4 rooms with 40 rounds to complete
• Multiple species of bugs to exterminate
• Arsenal of 3 special weapons to use
• 1 Queen Bug Boss to battle
• Heart pumping music
• Game Center Leaderboards
• Game Center Achievements


Bug Bomb:
Tap the Bug Bomb button to destroy all of the bugs on the screen in a massive explosion.

Bug Spray:
Tap the Bug Spray button, and then drag your finger across the screen. Any bugs caught in the path of the spray will meet their demise.

Bug Swatter:
Tap on the Bug Swatter button, and then tap over a group of bugs on the screen. All bugs caught under the swatter will be instantly squashed.


• Creative Best 2013 "Best of Category" Award for Mobile Design



Recommended: iPad 3
Also works with: iPad 1, iPad 2, & iPad mini


Twitter: @starchstudio