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2Lingua French

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Learn (or Teach) French in 10 minutes!

2Lingua French allows you to learn (or teach) all the expressions you need when you travel to France. No grammar. No vocabulary list. This 10-minute bilingual story (English with French expressions) takes you on a journey to Paris through language, culture and history.

Written specifically for English-speakers, this casual dialogue is meant to reinforce common expressions by recreating the natural flow between the two languages, the same way that bilingual people manipulate language.

This app will allow you to:
• place language in context
• hear French at its normal speed
• listen to French phrases at a slower pace
• learn more about French culture and history through the info box
• explore the city visually through the photo album.

If learning a language is or ever has been challenging, then this app is for you!

_ Tap the sound icon to listen to the whole story. This step allows you to hear the language at its normal pace, and to establish a context for French phrases.
_ Tap the French sentences to hear them at a slow speed. Repeat them if you wish for faster acquisition.
_ Tap the info icon to learn more about history and culture.
_ Swipe the pictures to get a virtual experience of the city.
_ Refer to the glossary to find a particular French expression.

All text and audio content is contained within the app. No internet connection required.