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Security Robot

iPhone / iPad
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Security Robot can record 24 hours or more of your house, office, dorm room, desk, hotel room or anywhere else, while you are away.*

- No other camera app can do this in App Store, including Apple Camera app.
- Night Recording with Flash enabled.
- Copy video files via iTunes File Sharing.
- Watch video files directly from the app.
- Used to record continuous hours in few days, few weeks or even few months (field tested in production by users)


- Start/Stop Recording: tap a big circle button at bottom to start recording. Toggle it again to stop recording.

- Copy Video files: Use iTunes File Sharing to copy the recorded video files. Under File Sharing in iTunes, tap the app and select all video files and drag-and-drop them to your desktop on a PC or a Mac.

- Focusing Camera: tap anywhere on the screen to re-focus the camera. This auto-balances the camera focus, the contrast and white-balancing.

- Turning Off Screen: swipe-right to turn off the screen. This comes in handy to save the battery. Or, you can turn off the screen to turn the screen brightness off to record a room at night.

- Turning On/Off Screen: swipe-right to toggle on or off the screen.

- Night recording: turn the flash on to enable the night recording.


- Saving battery: save battery by turning the screen off by doing a swiping-right gesture on the screen. This is recommended, when the app is in security recording for long hours, whether the device is power plugged, or the device is running on a battery.

- Changing the portrait or landscape orientation: You can video-record in portrait or landscape mode. Whenever you change the video orientation, Stop recording and re-Start recording. This resets the video orientation during play.

- Recording for a long duration: This app has been field-tested up to 700 continuous hours without a stop. In the production tests, the users have used the app to security-record their homes, office, dorm rooms and hotel rooms for a few days, a few weeks and even few months.

- Airplane Mode ON: When running the app, disable all radios by turning Airplane Mode ON.
This helps to save the battery and allows the app to run without any interruptions.

- This app detects if someone disables the security recording by stopping the recording or if someone quits the app by pressing home button. This is saved in the log file with a timestamp.

- Charging the battery for long hours: You may plug in a power adapter to continuously power the device. However, we recommend a Christmas Tree power timer to periodically turn off the power to the device to keep battery healthy by charging it with every hour break at every two hours of charging.

- We are working on the next version of the app to last even longer duration with auto motion notification and easier video scanning/scrubbing. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or feedback. Thank you for your support.

- Actual hours of recording will be determined by the available space of the device.

- Works with all iPhones, iPods and iPads.


- Whenever the app detects a motion in front of the camera, the motion sensed event is recorded in a log file. This log file has time-stamp entries.

If a motion is detected, it is recorded in its video file and the log file. You may copy the log file via iTunes File Sharing from the app.

A motion event is tagged with “subjectAreaDidChanged” Find a motion events in the log file and find a video file containing the motion event timestamp. And, scan the video file for those motion events to observe the motion triggered events.