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Magic Seeds

  • Education
  • Book
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•2015 German Design Award Nominee
•2013 The Lovie Award
•2013 Red Dot Communication Design Award
•From the creator of 2012 Apple Design Award Winner!

Ever want to plant a magic seed? Grown your imaginary plant and flowers? Now you can!

"Magic seeds" is a fully interactive game for children, it including a lovely story, beautiful illustrations, cute characters and fun games. It is a wonderful app to encourage children’s imagination and creativity.

You can interactive with each page, solve puzzles, collecting rewards into your reward book. Keep finding surprises alone the way. In the end, a magic seed will be given out. You can use your rewards to create your own flowers and plants by imaginations, and save them into portfolios, share with your friends and families.

Each page has 3 levels, after you finish the first time, do it again …and again, discover different rewards, until you collect all of them. Great for the whole family!

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Little rabbit GuaiGuai lives with his mother in a beautiful forest. One day, mom asks GuaiGuai to send a bag of seeds to his good friend little squirrel. On the way to little squirrel’s house, GuaiGuai notice some beautiful butterflies, he start to chase them without notice his seed bag is scratched by thorns, and the seeds start to fall out of the broken bag.

A Red Seed fall on the road. Instantly, a very big red rose drill out of the ground.
A Green Seed fall into river, and a big green lotus leaf grown spread on the water.
A Yellow Seed fall into grass, and a big yellow pumpkin pop out of the grass.

When rabbit GuaiGuai arrive little squirrel’s house, there’s only a blue seed left. GuaiGuai feels very guilty and sad, he starts to cry badly. Knowing his trouble, GuaiGuai’s friends gather around, they tell him a different story:

Little mouse used the big red rose propose to his girlfriend. “ The bird on the sky tells me the flower is planted by you. Thank you GuaiGuai!” the little mouse says.

Little monkey used the big green leaf cover as an umbrella. “The frog in the water tells me the leaf is planted by you. Thank you GuaiGuai!” the little monkey says.

Little ladybug used the big yellow pumpkin build a new home. “The owl on the tree tells me the pumpkin is planted by you. Thank you GuaiGuai!” the little ladybug says.

Now, with the blue seed left, GuaiGuai wants to share with all his friends, including you. Let’s plant it together, and start to grow whatever you want by imagination. Enjoy your creations! Don’t forget take a picture and show it to your friends!


• Beautifully illustrated pages with more than 100 interactive elements and sounds.
• 39 different puzzle levels.
• Touch, drag, rotate, tilt or shake the interactive elements to searching and collecting surprises.
• Move, rotate, resize and arrange the elements to create your artwork by imagination.
• Save your artworks into your portfolio.
• Share your creations through Facebook and Twitter.
• Edit your saved artworks.
• Playable page indexing to access your favorite page.
• No in-app purchases.
• No third-party advertising.


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