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LinguiSystems Articulation Test

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The LinguiSystems Articulation Test (LAT) App for iPad can be used only by certified/licensed speech-language pathologists to assess articulation disorders. Paraprofessionals, support personnel or guardians cannot adequately administer, interpret, and score the test.
The app includes a digital version of the complete Examiner’s Manual and the five picture plates needed for administration, as well as a screen for automatically calculating standard score, age equivalency, and percentile rank based on the student’s chronological age and raw score. Test items are administered by touching the screen to visually isolate target words within the picture scenes. Original, printed LAT test forms must be used to administer this test to meet the requirement of having original documentation in the client's/student's permanent folder.
Please Note: Reliability studies to confirm that administrating the test via app maintains the validity of the LAT print version are in process and will be concluded and reported in early 2013. Subjects ages 3.0–8.11 are included in this study.
The LAT App is designed to identify children and young adults with abnormal articulation patterns. It ensures a thorough examination of all sounds and blends by presenting several sounds more than one time in the same position. All positions at the word level are tested. The vocalic /r/ is tested in multiple contexts.
Test results, in combination with the stimulability and Childhood Apraxia of Speech Screening included with the LAT App, allow the SLP to make appropriate recommendations regarding type and length of service. The assessment can be completed in about 15 minutes.
The LAT App can also be used to measure progress in therapy.
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