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RPD-95 is a fully functioning keystroke programmable calculator, based on the TI-95 Procalc calculator from Texas Instruments, circa 1986. Included in RPD-95 is the guidebook for the application, User's Guide for the calculator, and the complete Programming Guide. The guides provide full documentation on the use of the application, calculator, and programming features of the calculator.

RPD-95 has an on-board file/program storage capability, and the ability to share programs and file storage "cartridges" with others via email. Additionally, RPD-95 includes an integrated program editor/assembler for developing programs for the calculator.

The application supports the in-app purchase of library application cartridges with included guidebooks to extend the usefulness of the calculator with professionally developed application suites.

RPD-95 Features

• Built-in 24 column tape "printer" for audit trail capture, can be saved to text file.
• Programs, Data, and RAM Cartridges are shareable via email
• Original 8K RAM for program and data storage.
• Supports up to 32K in "cartridge" memory, used as either RAM or ROM.
• Rapid "cartridge" installation; simply swipe over the application library you want to use.
• Calculator display with 16 characters.
• 5 re-definable function keys with 3 character display labels
• 13 digit numeric precision
• Adjustable data register configuration from 900 to 0 registers
• From 0-7200 partition-able programming steps
• On-board "file system" shares space with registers and program steps
• I/O menu supports saving and loading programs, enabling sharing of your programs with friends
• Up to 8 levels of user subroutine calls supported.
• Ability to view contents of data registers and flags in separate views.
• Expand functionality by in-app purchase of application libraries in various subjects (Math currently available; more coming soon!)
• Built-in program editor/assembler to make program development easier.

RPD-95 Support

Our support site has copies of the described guidebooks, as well as the available library cartridge guidebooks. Please feel free to view our site for a full description of the features of this application. As always, comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome. If you have questions regarding the application, and because we can't respond to App Store reviews, please contact us by email so we can answer you directly if you have such questions.

RPD-95 was developed with materials obtained from Texas Instruments, and used with permission. Support for this application is provided solely by Reid Performance Designs.