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Rajni The BOSS for iPad

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RAJNI THE BOSS is a larger than life character inspired from the numerous bollywood masala movies. He can act, sing, dance and fight. He can defy any law of physics with his bag of tricks.
There are 3 views within App through which you can interact with Rajni The Boss
1) Animation View
This is where you make Rajni The Boss do what you want him to do (or you think that's what he would do). Follow these instructions and enjoy.

Talk to him & he will repeat the same. Does this remind you of someone?
Want to make Rajni laugh? Cuddle his tummy.
Rajni can be playful too, touch the whistle and see for yourself.
Want to see Rajni Pose? Touch his goggles
You bet he can dance, touch the dance icon and he show you rockstar moves

Do not touch his hands, he has got stuff there you just don't want to mess with.
Touching his hair or face will make him angry, do it three times and you are on your own.
Don’t swipe right or left; it could make him feel dizzy.
Don't touch his legs, he will send you to a world far far away

Most importantly, if you want to see what future holds with Rajni just click on the beaker icon. You would love the way Rajni will tell you what he has in store for you in the coming weeks

2) Sharing View
Rajni shares, Rajni cares. Thats why whenever you will go to this view by clicking the share icon, you will see happy Rajni dancing nonstop. If you want to join him and spread his joy, touch a centimeter above Rajni's head and drag dancing Rajini to any of the icons on the screen. Rajni will share himself with others

3) Youtube Sharing
If you want to share any of Rajni's animation with friends, go to this view by clicking the next button on "Share" view. Once you will click on a video, it will give you the ability to share that particular video with friends.

For best experience, we recommend Ipad 2nd/ 3rd/4th generation and the Ipad Mini