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Camera Secret is an App that you use to send your friends...

1. Private Pictures hidden inside another picture.
2. Private Text Messages hidden inside another picture

★★ There is a SECRET FOLDER within the App to store all your Private Pictures★★

You can send the final coded picture via Text Message, Email, Facebook or Twitter

Here are the Instructions:

1. Choose whether you want to send a Private Text Message (Text in Pic) or a Private Picture (Pic in Pic)

2. Select the Container Image...this is the decoy image that will hide you Private Message or Private Picture. This is the image the person who you are sending to will first see.

3. Next tap the "Code | Decode" button and select "Code Message In Image"

4. Next Type your PRIVATE Message (if you chose "Text in Pic") or Select your PRIVATE Image (if you chose "Pic in Pic") that you don't want anyone to see.

5. Finally Encrypt your Picture and tap the send button for different ways to send the Encrypted picture. You can Email it to your Friend, Text it and even post it on Facebook. Your message will be hidden and no one will know it until you tell them how to use this app.

6. Finally once your friend receives a text message or email or facebook post they will need to tap on the picture and save the picture to their CAMERA ROLL. Then they will need to go and install Camera Secret App on their device.

7. Next they will open the app and if the hidden message is a "text message" they will select "Text in Pic" and if its a hidden picture they will select "Pic in Pic".

8. Next they will select the image they saved in the camera roll and then tap the "Code | Decode" button and select "Decode Message In Image"

9. The decoded message will then appear.....

nb: All encrypted and decrypted images are automatically saved in the "SECRET FOLDER"