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iTalian Class 4 English Kids

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Welcome to the Italian Class for English Kids for iPad!

This application was designed to provide an immediate and friendly tool to teachers and parents for teaching the linguistic bases for the pronunciation of Italian words to English children in pre-school and school ages.

Using a “game” approach, the App will help our children in the learning process in a simple and natural way with six engaging activities!

There is a vocabulary with more than 1200 words (with different complexity and length) to help the child to develop the ability of association between the word and its sound and image. For each word, in fact, you can hear the pronunciation, display its image and also verify the correct hyphenation. In every moment it's possible to hear the translation in English of the Italian word.
The vocabulary is fully expandable and customizable with the addition of new words, images and voices. It’s possible to create specific training paths, always new and suitable for every educational need.

Some features of the App:
- over 1200 target words for the 26 letters of the alphabet. You can easily add your own words to the vocabulary!
- beautiful images and high quality speech synthesis pronunciation for all the target words to help practice with all the activities with the support of teacher or parent.
- flashcards and matching activities.
- scoring and data tracking for each child/student.
- voice recording and playback feature for monitoring responses and progresses.
- it's fun for kids of all ages!
- simple and immediate user interface.
- you can customize the application adding your flashcards: engage your children by adding their voice and pictures to personalize their learning experience.
- change the content as often as you wish to further develop your child’s learning.
- includes the alphabet with the standard symbols for signs (US, UK and Italian sets. Additional sets will be added in future).
- expressly and exclusively designed for iPad.
- have fun with your kids whilst helping them learn!

Activities included:
- Flash Cards: look at the picture, examine how the word is written and its hyphenation, listen to the pronunciation, record your pronunciation and check your progresses.
- Matching Cards: it’s a memory game in which you must pair pictures equal to each other. Every picture has associated its word and it’s possible to listen to the pronunciation.
- Find the Card: select the correct picture whose word is starting with the indicated letter. If correct, you’ll hear the word.
- Drag & Drop: drag the word on the correct picture and listen to the pronunciation.
- Compose the Words: using the letters of the alphabet you should compose the word relative to the picture shown on the screen. Check the correct solution and to listen to the pronunciation.
- Crosswords: the game is similar to the previous one, but now you have to find two words that have a letter in common.

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*** NOTE: this application is designed for English Kids for learning Italian words. Additional versions for other languages will be available soon on App Store. Visit our site or contact us to receive additional information.