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One More Chance for Santa - Will He deliver all the Christmas gifts on time this Holiday season?

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Santa is in trouble..........again!
But we need Him to deliver all the presents for the children, so he has One More Chance!
Help Him to stay out of trouble by delivering the gifts and collecting all 18 pieces of the Miracle Medal trough 3 different levels!

1.The North Pole
2.The Sleigh
3.The Roof


Try to match the falling gifts by their colors! When you have matched 2 or more, than collect them using the collect button! Don’t fill up the columns, because your mission is over ! After every 1000 points the gifts are coming faster and faster. Try to keep up, and complete the first 6 challenges on this level, to receive the first 6 pieces for the Miracle Medal!

1.LITTLE ELF: let the Little Elf to clear the column for you, when you couldn’t matched the gifts by their colors! When you don’t use this magical help by the Little Elf, and you just let him fall into an empty column, he is even more helpful for you! He will help you to build The Snowman! It takes 4 falls into an empty column by the Little Elf, and The Snowman is alive again!!!

2.THE SNOWMAN: Let the Little Elf fall into an empty column 4 times,and The Snowman will come to live! If you tap on The Snowman , the falling gifts will slow down for 60 seconds. This could be a huge help when the gifts are coming faster!

3.OLD ELF: You can check the status of your bonus collection by taping on the Old Elf! He will track your bonuses,and you check the status of the Miracle Medal too! The goal is to collect all the 18 pieces of the Miracle Medal, and help Santa to deliver all the gifts!!!

4.MIRACLE MEDAL: You have to collect 3 X 6 pieces(18 together) through the 3 levels to be able to complete the medal! It’s not easy,Santa needs your help!!! When you have collected the Miracle Medal, take a screenshot of it,send it to us via e-mail, and we will send you a code back to receive a free app!

5.FALLING STAR: When your mission is about to fail, and seems like there is no hope left to collect all the gifts in the wheel, use the FALLING STAR, and it will clear the whole wheel for you! FALLING STARS are in-app purchases ,and you can buy them from the SHOP or from the middle of the wheel.


Introducing the Snowflake! When a Snowflake falls into a column ,it froze all the gifts in the column! The only way to clear the Snowflake is to let the Little Elf fall into the same column, or if you use a Falling Star!


Introducing the Devil Coin! Devil coins are the toughest to collect and make them disappear ! You need to have at least one Devil Coin in each column (1-1-1-1) to be able to make them disappear! Be careful! If there is a Snowflake in the column,than you wont be able to collect it! You need to clear the Snowflake first ,by getting help from the Little Elf or tap on the Falling Star!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Good Luck :) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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