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"Zombies at 4:00!" yelled the red shirted crew man from the crow's nest.

Chesterton took out his pocket watch. 3:47. With a patient hand he drew his XP5050 laser. "I hate zombies. Why'd it have to be zombies?"

"It could be worse," the crew member who doesn't last long enough to warrant a name except in the end credits answered, "I mean, imagine if it was an unrelenting wave of undead pursuing us around the deck of this God forsaken ship as our options continued to diminish to the point that we found ourselves either turning in circles or battering ourselves against the side of the ship as they closed in on us with no escape. Our only hope to last a few more turns… of the clock in an effort to gain a few more point(s)… less moments."

H.M.S. Chesterton felt a shiver run up his spine at the narrative certainty of such a cruel and necessary fate dictated by the rules of his existence. The gun lay heavy in his right hand, his hook shining sharply in the afternoon sun as he prepared to meet the chaos of an invading horde of zombies. "Happy Birthday, Captain," he muttered to himself, casting a forlorn glance at an imaginary candle laden cupcake just off camera with a look designed to inspire an emotional connection with our doomed central character. "Happy Birthday."

In "Outgrabe" players take the side of a human player running for his life OR the undead horde (well, more of a gaggle) of 3-5 zombies pursuing them on a selection of ship maps. Each turn the human player's options start to dwindle while the zombies become more aggressive until the inevitable conclusion. It's only a matter of time until the zombie horde corners you but the journey is its own reward as the human player tries to outsmart his opponent for just one more turn...

"Outgrabe" continues the story of Mad Barrington and Flynt started in "Beamish++" and "Mad Barrington's Gyre++" in this high seas battle of wits. The game supports pass and play, player vs. AI and multiplayer through the Game Center.