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Acoustic Blues: Learn Guitar Now

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• This is an iPad only product •

Learn Guitar Now offers the ultimate series of guitar lessons for the iPad. With video tutorials hosted by world class guitarist Stuart Ryan, live animated tab to accompany his exercises and streamed audio backing tracks to play along with, each app will offer comprehensive guides to different styles - from blues to acoustic and classic rock.

In Acoustic Blues you'll learn the chords, techniques, licks and styles behind one of the most evocative forms of blues music there is. With a range of exercises that echo both the methods used by latter day acoustic blues musicians such as Lonnie Johnson and the styles employed by more contemporary giants such as Jimmy Page, Ry Cooder and Jimi Hendrix, this app will open the door to a self-contained world of music that you'll never want to close.

Technique lessons include alternating bass lines, banjo rolls, PIMA patterns and thumb & strum. Style studies include Jimmy Page style, Jimi Hendrix style, Lonnie Johnson style, Ragtime style and Ry Cooder style slide guitar.

IPAD ONLY! Over 40 videos of lessons and animated tab, plus backing audio to teach guitarists the chords, licks and styles of Acoustic Blues.


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