Color911® v 1.1.2

By Amy Wax
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Color 911®: For all your color needs, color help at your fingertips!Color 911® makes color selection fun and easy. Color 911® helps you create your own colors, select colors from themes or photos, combine colors to create your own palettes, organize colors into folders, share or email to designers, friends or family, and so much more!Color 911® features more than 50 downloadable color themes. Each theme has 42 different colors; every theme includes colors that work together for whatever your color needs are. Color 911® is color help at your fingertips!Color 911® delivers instant color inspiration from color specialist Amy Wax, award winning Color Consultant and recognized author of books specializing in color.FINDING YOUR COLORS is easy – Whether you use designer color themes, create your own color on the color wheel, select colors from an Internet or web photo or choose colors from a snapshot or from a photo in your photo library.BRILLIANTLY designed, as the choice of colors i...