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The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet

HEY YOU GUYYYYYS! Marcus and Jessica are stuck on Prankster Planet and they need your help! Complete physical challenges, silly brainstorms, and math questions in this exciting multiplayer game.

From wacky challenges to counting races, this game will have your team laughing and learning as you add, draw, discuss, think, act, problem solve, and dance your way back to Earth. The app is based on the PBS KIDS series The Electric Company.

•Collaborative play
•Digital board game
•Hours of unrepeated fast-paced games, physical challenges, and group activities
•Play as your favorite Electric Company member

These goals are part of 1st and 2nd grade math and literacy curricula and include:

•Addition and subtraction
•Data analysis and graphing
•Telling Time
•Coin value and recognition
•And more!

About The Electric Company
The Electric Company is a PBS KIDS multi-Emmy award-winning TV show, an online destination and community outreach experience offering 5-9 year old children a playful portal into the world of literacy and math. In the animated/gaming Prankster Planet, kids get to play as a member of The Electric Company to defeat the pranksters in a series of math challenges. Produced by Sesame Workshop, Prankster Planet content airs on PBS KIDS and the adventure continues online at

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The Electric Company Party Game Lost on Prankster PlanetPrice FreeThe Electric Company Party Game Lost on Prankster Planet by PBS KIDS is designed for kids to challenge them p...
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