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SLEEP & ... by meditone

iPhone / iPad
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Newly developed app that directly effects the brain to improve your sleep!

◉ Sleep inducing
Induces a comfortable sleep by creating the optimal brain waves.

◉ Eases nervousness
Alleviates feelings of unease and anxiety to give you a sense of calm.

◉ Improved concentration
Eliminates distracting thoughts to allow you to delve into your work or actions.

◉ Improved memory
Experience an increase in your level of memorization and learning ability

◉ Eases depression
Use after waking up in the mornings when you are feeling down to regain neutrality and ease your spirits.

◉ Autonomic nerve regulation
Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves function normally to balance your brain neurotransmitters.

ABOUT "Bainural Beats x meditone"

Binaural Beats (BB) is a revolutionary system that, when listened to with both ears, emits wavelengths of differing frequencies and the frequency discrepancy has an effect on the brain waves. However, the brain of every person is different so the effective application times and frequencies will vary for each person.

Here, to improve efficacy, we developed meditone, a playback technology that improves BB. This improvement allows for the emission of BB without layered changes in relation to the time axis, which produces an effective frequency that is adequate for various brain patterns and achieves a level of sleep induction not attained thus far.

This effect will differ depending on whether the eyes are open or closed so refer to the explanations of each tone for details.

ABOUT"Super 1/f fluctuations tone"

Super 1/f fluctuation tones are tones that are based on naturally existing fluctuation and are recreated using the meditone playback technology to ensure full recreation via this app.

Enjoy comforting "natural sounds" and "harmonies and melodies" founded in music psychology.

There are many wonderful sounds in the natural world, "rain", "wind", "murmurs", and "insect sounds", etc. that relax the spirit but unfortunately the exact same effect cannot be obtained when these sounds are digitally recorded. However, through our proprietary technology, we have made this possible. Enjoy a completely new world of "healing".


◉ In consideration of efficacy, continuous playback of the above tones is limited to 1 hour.

◉ Do not use during operation of a vehicle.

◉ Stop playback immediately if you start to feel queasy during use.

◉ The above tones are specifically for use with headphones.