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Oh noes! The sinister and confused Little Green Menz are after you. It’s your job to set them free and to enter into the next dimension by unleashing the awesome fury of a Super Duper Nova.

Every time your ball hits the UFO, one word in a powerful space-folding spell is cast. Get the UFO to say all three words during any one turn, and get ready for hyper-space! But it won’t be easy because you’ll have gravity, swarms of aliens, laser beams, and a space portal to deal with...not to mention those pesky Little Green Menz!

Smash 100 LGMz during any one turn and earn an extra ball. Orange Menz are worth double, so get as many of these while you can during the frantic “Alien Annihilation” mode. And don’t worry, it’s all for fun, you’re not really hurting the little guys, you’re just setting their anger free by turning their energy into love molecules. They even have little hearts to prove it!