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Birds Of Ecuador

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WorldWildZoom - Wildlife Photo Guides presents this innovative series of field-guides for the Birds of the Tropical Andes (BTA) is the first for this region in iPad format, and an exciting new way to appreciate and learn about Neotropical birds.

Possibly one of the most spectacular new ways to appreciate Ecuador's superb avifauna, the idea of this guide is to give you a fully visual experience in a book-like format – paging through the unique collection of images and accessing the information or vocalizations of each species as desired. Navigating is easy; you can choose to page continually through the images –from Tinamous to Orioles without stopping– or access the menu to find a specific bird.

The menu is organized by family, with the individual species ordered taxonomically within each. For quick paging, you can also scroll through the entire guide using thumb-nail images. This is a world-class collection of Neotropical bird images, all of which have been photographed in their wild, natural environment, with unique behavioral images included for many species. The spectacular photography is just one of the ways that this field-guide differs from a normal guide-book; to compliment this visual celebration of avian beauty, we have highlighted captivating facts on the natural history of the species, along with the customary description and range maps. Additionally, we have included vocalizations for the majority of the species, completing this unique experience.

This is not a typical field-guide with the male and female represented for each species. Rather, it is a visual representation of the birds for the readers' total appreciation, giving priority to an image for its visual impression rather than the species' gender.

Furthermore, it is not a complete guide (with over 1,600 bird species occurring in Ecuador alone, it would be an almost impossible task to photograph them all!); but we have included a carefully chosen representation of 350 of the country's most sought-after birds with most of the Neotropical families portrayed. This guide could never replace a complete guide book, but is a perfect compliment for anyone interested in fully appreciating Ecuador's birds –even sharper than in real life, with their truly wild and brilliantly live colors, and in phenomenal iPad resolution! All the images are taken in wild and natural situations with almost no use of flash, except for six species where some older images of netted birds, photographed in tents as part of a biodiversity study, have been used.

Enjoy your journey through the incredible forms and colors of the avian wonders of Ecuador, an experience in diversity unique to the spectacular Tropical Andean region.

Note: If you purchased this volume as In-App Purchase inside our Worldwildzoom App and you intend to buy this standalone App you will be charge the price again.