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Sleepy Vale - The Enchanted Attic

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Sleepy Vale - The Enchanted Attic

"A beautiful illustrated children’s book full of magic and adventure."


Sleepy Vale - The Enchanted Attic is a charming children's story about friendship, courage and most of all about the magic that lies in every book.
It's a book about Sophie who arrives with her parents in the village of Hartsford.
Their new home, even though modest and simple at first sight, is filled with magic and adventure. This is where Sophie meets Benny, Button and Boot, the three friends that will accompany her in an unexpected journey.

- Stunning retina display illustrations
- 6 Fun minigames
- Charming music by Byron
- Professional narrator
- Real book-like page turning

“Sophie’s eyes grew wide as her candlelight fell on a well-worn teddy bear with one eye missing.” (page 3)
“Now and then, they read for so long that Sophie would drift off to sleep, her cheeks pressed against the yellowed pages of a book. One particular day, right as they were reading about the horrible witch, they were all overcome by a terrible drowsiness, and fell asleep, right in the middle of a story.” (page 6)
“At the top of the oak, Benny could see a great, glowing gate in the distance. But he was distracted by a single acorn that glowed and trembled and beckoned for him to pick it.” (page 18)
“Sophie had to trust the gate would allow them to escape, because otherwise they would be trapped here forever. But just before they reached the gate, the evil witch stopped them, glowering with a furious look in her evil eyes.” (page 22)