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New Deluxe English Dictionary Thesaurus Collocations

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+ English Collocations Deluxe: This will teach you to speak and write natural sounding English. With excellent format, you could find which words should go together in sentence. Also supporting lots of examples, it is really useful and practical for improving more natural-sounding English.

+ New Super Deluxe Dictionary:
This dictionary focuses on contemporary English as it is really used, informed by currently available evidence and the latest research. The dictionary places the most frequently used meanings of each word first, followed by secondary and technical senses, slang, idioms, and historical and obsolete senses. There are over 500 boxed usage notes, giving guidance on all aspects of the language and backed up by extensive analysis of the evidence. Featuring 350,000 words, phrases, and definitions, this dictionary offers comprehensive coverage of English as it is actually used in the 21st century.

+ New Super Deluxe Thesaurus:
This dictionary is ideal for anyone who wants a comprehensive and authoritative thesaurus of current English, for use by writers and editors, students, and crossword and puzzle solvers at work or at home.

+ Pocket Deluxe Dictionary:
Also defining word meanings into boxed usage notes, colors, a comprehensive data, and a smart words layout, it offers a great tool for anyone who want to improving English.

+ Pocket Deluxe Thesaurus:
Similar to New Super Deluxe Thesaurus, this dictionary is also giving you a comprehensive and authoritative thesaurus of current English, for anyone who want to expanding and mastering their vocabularies and its thesaurus in a short time.

+ WordNet3.0:
Amazing free dictionary by Princeton University. It defines meanings in groups, giving you a wide range of synonyms, thesaurus, ... and more related words. Also you could easily tap on related words to move quickly to its meanings.

+ Quick English-English Dictionary:
This dictionary is an additional one with a huge database of words. Giving you a simple definition, this is a smart way for you to refer to English words easier and faster

+ Picture Dictionary:
For using online, it contains most of basic English words. It is a useful tool for learning English through images.


+ Lots of offline/online dictionaries included
+ High quality database/sounds
+ Offline (need internet for some advanced features)
+ Be able to install more offline dictionaries from Internet
+ Fast and accurate
+ Looking up all dictionaries at the same time
+ Simply convenient design, very different to others
+ Persistent history and bookmarks (searchable, shareable)
+ Second window for quick looking up
+ Excellent "Word Suggestion" feature
+ Online/Offline Dictionary Rearrangement/Add/Remove
+ Adjustable Font Size
+ Be able to download sounds to use offline
+ Searchable History/Bookmark List
+ English Picture Dictionary with over 260 000 words


+ Urban dictionary
+ The Free dictionary
+ Wiktionary