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Perfect People 2

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Education
  • Role Playing
  • Simulation
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It's like life but in a game!

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A note from the developer:

Hi, and thanks for taking a look at Perfect People 2! We really like how the game is turning out and hope you enjoy it.

This new version lets you do anything you want. There are still awards (and many new ones!) but you don't have to win them if you don't want to. You get to live up to 105 years old, as long as you take care of your health.

All of the original characters including Jumping Jack, Athletic Ava, and Wealthy William are back. They're far more interactive this time around. They have different interests and much better memories. We've also made some big changes to how you raise your children and how they turn out. You can also have grandchildren!

Sports got a major upgrade. The tournament can get pretty competitive.

Instead of having a grade for school, you now have an IQ, which you can raise by answering questions. The higher your IQ, the more money you can make at work.

Work has changed into a button pushing frenzy. You'll know what I mean when you see it. There's definitely a trick to how you do it...

The stock market is pretty much the same thing as the last game. But there is a Billionaire award. Yes, that Billion! You can earn up to 9,999,999,999 coins in this version.

There's some new stuff you can buy too. There's a tree that you can plant that will grow over time.

You'll be able to see your entire family on the screen now. It's fun when your kids are happy but sometimes they just don't stop crying!

There's a whole new Community Center. You can adopt pets, donate to medical research and more! Each one of the donations has an item related to it.

Some of the new awards include:

* Fabulous Fingers
* Hat Trick
* Supa Popular
* Teacher's Pet
* Genius
* Happy Home
* Puppy Love

The end of the game still has that section where all of your friends and family make comments about you. Along with that we added a score out of 100%.

We have all kinds of ideas for new things to add. We'll be adding them as we do updates. If there are things you'd like to see more of - let us know!

Enjoy Perfect People 2! Please visit our Facebook page to give us your own amazing ideas and suggestions.

Thanks much,
Deepak Deo
Designer, Enup Games

Perfect People 2 has all of this and more:

* Design your own avatar. Date, get married and have babies that look like you and your spouse. Find out if your kids get married and have your grandchildren!

* Raise your kids well. Feed them, style them, teach them, and keep them happy. The first five years can be hard, but it's all worth it in the end.

* Live your life starting from the age of 5. Take care of your health and you could live up to 105 years old!

* Each character in the game has their own circle of friends, a primary interest (i.e. school, sports), coins, an IQ, as well as their own family. You can chat with them, tickle, kiss, date, marry, and make babies with them.

* Play in the sports arena against the other characters in the game.

* Go to work at the Coal Company to earn a living.
Each button you hit earns you coins to buy things with.

* Earn big coins in the stock market. Buy low, sell high!

* Donate to charities to change the world for the better!