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Cytogenetics is the study of chromosomes. If you want to know about

- chromosome structure
- types of chromosome abnormalities
- techniques for studying chromosomes
- diseases associated with each human chromosome

then this is the app for you!

Cytogenetics was produced by experts at a major medical center. The app was developed for health sciences students, but anyone with an interest in chromosomes can learn the language, concepts and techniques of this field.

There are eight sections in the app. Here's what you'll find:

-- DNA packaging --

See how the DNA double helix is folded into larger and larger complexes to form a chromosome.

-- Chromosome structure --

Learn the names of each part of a chromosome.

-- Abnormalities --

Find out what can go wrong with chromosomes and cause disease.

-- Techniques --

Review the three basic techniques that are used to study chromosomes - karyotype, FISH and microarrays.

-- Human chromosomes --

See diagrams of the 24 human chromosomes, each with its own distinct size, shape and banding pattern. Tap on a chromosome to view a blown-up version. Diseases that are associated with defects in that chromosome are listed as well.

-- Diseases & disorders --

Learn more about human diseases that are caused by defects in specific chromosomes. You will find a brief description of the abnormality as well as pictures of actual chromosomes that show where the defect is located.

-- Glossary --

Cytogenetics has its own language. The words you need to know are right here.

-- Resources --

We can't cover everything! Explore the websites we have listed and dive deeper into the world of cytogenetics.