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Greata Smartphone

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
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Greata Mobile: Manage Your Project Anywhere You Go
Greata Mobile:到哪里也可管理你的项目

Mobile is the commonly used device to let you keep in touch with your project team. ProjectAIMS brings you the Greata Mobile app to let you access, review and action your project information straight from your iPhone® device. Greata Mobile is a fabulous tool which leverages the features of Greata Project Management software without any special integration.
手机、平板电脑等是项目团队之间保持紧密联系的常用设备。宝智坚思推出的Greata Mobile可支持从iPhone®直接访问、审核和处理你的项目信息。Greata Mobile无需集成,是一个可随时随地体验Greata项目管理系统的超级利器。

Stay productive and in control to your project wherever you are. Greata Mobile enables staff outside office to manage construction activities, with or without internet connection. Assisted by the Personal Reminder features, you will never miss any important actions requested in the project.
无论你身在何处都可令项目保持高效可控。Greata Mobile让在办公室外的员工也可不受网络条件限制地管理施工活动。在个人提醒功能的辅助下,你永远不会错过任何一个项目所要求的重要操作。