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DataDiary for iPad

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Are your cell phone bills and wi-fi bills always a mystery? Never been able to figure when and how you used data? Now you can take the guesswork out of how you consume data and be in control of your data usage with DataDiary.

DataDiary puts you in-charge of your data by letting you monitor and track your iPad's data usage. DataDiary is smarter than other data monitoring apps as it goes one step ahead by letting you see which apps use most of your data. You can now identify the data hungry apps on your device and manage your data consumption so that you don’t overrun your phone bills.

That’s not all. DataDiary also lets you see how much data you consumed on the various networks you connect to. You can also trace your data footprint by navigating between days, weeks and months. Our simple and user friendly charts will let you see trends that help you compare usage during the month with previous months.

It’s the must have and the best free data monitoring app that your iPad deserves.

•App DataDiary – Identifies ‘data guzzlers’ by giving you a break-down of data usage of the top data consuming apps
•Network DataDiary - Monitor data usage on the different network providers that you connect to
•Daypart DataDiary - Check hourly data usage to understand the time of the day when your usage is highest
•Trends - Monitoring not restricted to current month, you can check the previous month’s daily/ weekly usage as well
•Weekly and monthly view will be based on the calendar month