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This is the education version of MyTalkTools Mobile which includes 2 Acapela languages as part of the base package. The +Speech version was created for schools or other institutions that want Acapela Text to Speech but cannot use the InApp purchase process. This version allows you to choose 2 languages and use all the voices within those two languages.
See MyTalkTools Mobile for a complete product description.
MyTalkTools Mobile +Speech can be purchased using the Apple Volume Purchase Discount Program for Education.

What comes with MyTalk Mobile? A partial list follows:
-Full AAC capability for communicating via iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
-Mobile Authoring mode: Create customized content on the fly with your device
-Add a location to any cell - notifies you when you are within 100 meters of the location and navigates to content. Great for location-specific content. Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
-Local content — no Internet connection required to communicate
-Wireless sync w/ MyTalk Workspace using Wi-Fi or 3G (Workspace optional)
-Flexible authoring allows use of video (enabling modeling), photos, web images, sound, text and Text to Speech
-Language generation w/ Phrase Bar feature
-Switch capability w/ visual scan
-Symbolstix image library
-Basic Text to speech
-Optional (InApp Purchase): Advanced Text to Speech with Acapela Voices
-Video w/ Auditory Scan (requires optional InApp purchase of Acapela Voices)
-Fonts: 10-60
-Zoom Images: OFF or ON / Unzoom: manual or timed intervals
-Drag & Drop cell rearrangement in Mobile
-Web image search in Mobile, from multiple sources (requires wifi /3G)
-Library image search including: Symbolstix, MyTalk Public Library, private Library (requires wifi or 3G to search)
-Full sentence communication with the Phrase Bar feature (off / on capability)
-Phrase mode w/ digital recorded voice or TTS
-Switch capability w/ visual scan (RJ Cooper & Ablenet blue tooth switches)
-Switch Auto Scan w/ variable scan intervals
-Phrase Bar with or without Images
-Phrase Bar integrating cell selection with, on the fly, Text To Speech with popup Keyboard.
-Phrase bar: voice phrases as they are added to phrase bar. (Teaching aid request)
-Settings enabled User bar including home and back buttons, sync and settings access and ‘type words’ capability.
-Multiple sound output selections including recorded digital sound, TTS based on cell text, TTS based on designated alternate TTS phrase. Enables short visual prompt with longer auditory phrase.
-Text To Speech prompts in each cell for auditory scanning, enabling quick auditory prompts that promote longer auditory phrases or digital recordings.
-Quick startup: Online access to samples & templates donated by peers
-Copy boards/Link boards-Save hours
-Individual Cell Attributes: Always Zoom/Never Zoom/Font size by cell/font color/include or exclude from phrase bar
-Launch Other Apps from MyTalk
-Color coding: Goossen, Fitzgerald or free form
-Edit images & scribe: Overlay graphics on images; full edit capability-write, draw, crop
-UnDo/ReDo are life savers
-Restore from Backup. Each sync creates a backup.
-Fine Motor: (Adjust Max Movement recognizes swipe as a tap),(Adjust press duration),( Increase cell margins to provide more separation between cells)
-Search libraries
With Optional Acapela voice InApp purchase you get:
1 Auditory Scan
2 TTS Words per Minute adjustments
3 TTS Voice Shaping

MyTalk LLC is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: all
Categories: Early Learning, Special Needs, Parents