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Histamine Intolerance: Your Food List App for Histaminosis and Mast Cell Disorder

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* Your app for histamine intolerance, based on Swiss expert community
* Contains over 350 classified food item entries
* Save your favorites for shopping and reference
* Always have your food list with you

“Histamine Intolerance” is your app in order to live with your intolerance without worries. Based on the long-lived expert community more than 350 food products, additives, spices and other food items are being presented and classified according to their tolerance with a simple traffic light rating system. (Please read the advice below regarding the individual nature of histamine intolerance in every person concerned)

App Features and Content:

* Food products are categorized and can be searched: animal products, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, drinks and beverages, spices, sweeteners, additives and other food items
* Classification of food products according to category: containes histamine, contains other biogenic amines, histamine liberator, blocks the diamine oxidase (DAO)
* Search function for food products and cues in the app
* Favorites function to save and find your favorite food products easily
* Comment function to add personal comments to food products
* Additional information on histamine intolerance (symptoms, therapy, diet, cooking advice, ...)
* Regular updates

Please be adviced:

Which food items should be avoided is a lot harder to tell in the case of histamine intolerance than in the case of other intolerances. The difference between tolerance and intolerance is blurry and depending on factors such as the amount and freshness of food consumed. Accordingly, a strict distinction is impossible. Also, the intolerance is partly individual to every person, depending on my many additonal personal factors. Depending on the individual intolerance not all people concerned will have to adhere to the same strict diet.

Important notice on health issues

This app is aimed at offering people useful information on histamine intolerance. The symptoms, which may occur due to an imbalance between histamine and histamine breakdown, however, are often rather unspecific and may be due to a range of other causes. That is why you should never use this app alone as basis for diagnosis, treatment, dietary decisions or other medical decisions. We recommend you visit your doctor if you suspect that you are affected by HIT. We deem it advisable to consult a physician so that other potentially harmful causes may be excluded.

Disclaimer of liability

The information offered herein has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. Errors and omissions are always possible because it deals with a complex subject matter novel and not yet in its entirety scientifically verified knowledge. Despite the fact that a growing internet community is constantly improving and updating the information on which this app is based, some content may be incorrect and may contain recommendations that may potentially be hazardous to health. The developers of this app as well as the authors, operators and administrators of the source of information,, will not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, timelessness and completeness of the information and any resulting damages, consequential damages or other detriments. The assertion of any kind of claims is excluded.

Source of content for this app regarding histamine intolerance: Heinz Lamprecht, Schweizerische Interessengemeinschaft Histamin-Intoleranz (SIGHI),