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My Elephant Brother: Music Education for Your Kids

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STRONG weak weak. STRONG weak weak. Elephants walk as if they were waltzing. The steady steps of the elephants shows the way for children to step into the magical journey The Carnival of the Animals held by Saint–Saëns. From going to banana farm pick the tastiest banana, to going to river give some water for Mummy, children learn stressed and unstressed beat, musical form, discover something about elephants and how to welcome a new baby into the family.

The critical period for brain development starts from the age of two to six, since children are receptive to instructions and are ready to coordinate their muscles. So, that is the best time for parents to shower their children with music delights! One of the wonderful delights would be classical music composed with.

Silly Daisy, the youngest elephant in the family, is always excited to discover new things. It’s lucky that her big brother Dylan is there to protect and take good care of her. Like today, Daisy drove the bees crazy when she was about to make another discovery. If Dylan wasn’t around to help her out, curiosity would have made her being hurt! Back home, they got the news from dad that a baby will be here soon! Thoughtful Daisy decided to get some water for mom. It was a long way to the river, but Daisy, Dylan and their father walked as if dancing the Waltz, sure they will get to the river very soon!

On their way, the elephants play and tap their feet in time to the classical music piece “Carnival of the Animals” composed by Saint–Saëns. In the piece, a double bass and piano match the slow steps of the elephants. Some of them are heavier and make stronger steps, while those who are as light as Daisy make lighter steps. Follow the steps of ‘strong weak weak’ taken by the family of elephants, the children tap their footprints with a suitable strength, knowing how to follow the beat and learning the triple time used in classical music.

What will children learn from My Elephant Brother?
• STRONG, weak, weak. STRONG, weak, weak. Elephants walk as if they were waltzing. The steady steps of the elephants and the water droplets resemble triple time in music.
• The children learn how to emphasize strong beats with different levels of force. Simple triple time is not difficult at all!
• The children accompany the elephants along the path to the river and return along the same route. The children can see the background and discover ternary musical form (a three-part musical form where the first and third parts are identical just like an egg sandwich A-B-A).
• The children also learn from the behavior of the Elephant Family. The baby elephants demonstrate how to take care and protect their siblings or younger children, and how to greet the birth of a new family member. Throughout the story, the children also learn a lot about elephants!

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