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InstaGrad - Gradient Background Creator

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InstaGrad is a gradient background creator that can be used to personalise how your device home screen looks.
With the release of iOS 7, changing the background image dramatically changes the look and feel throughout the system.

Using InstaGrad is quick and easy:
1. Choose how many colours you want to use. (1, 2 or 3)

2. Change the Red, Green and Blue sliders until you are happy with that colour.

3. Work through each colour by choosing a Current Colour. (1, 2 or 3)

4. If needed, pick a gradient type. Linear (colours will blend from one side of the screen to the other) or Radial (colours will radiate out from the centre of the screen to the edges).

5. If you choose a Linear gradient, you can change the direction you want the gradient to go. Vertical is top to bottom and Horizontal is left to right.

6. Touch the Save To Photos button.

Done! You can now find your background in your Photos App.

To set it as your background image you can:
1. Select the image in the Photos App and pick Use as Wallpaper in the action menu OR
2. Find and choose the image in Wallpapers & Brightness in the Settings App.

- A Secondary Layer has been added. You can choose from Gradient Only, Image Layer or Pattern Layer.
- Added gradient locations so you can control where the colours blend from. You can use this to also swap colours.
- Added the Image Layer so you can load photos to blend with your gradients.
- Added the Pattern Layer. Choose from 100 different patterns and resize the pattern on-the-fly.
- When using the Image Layer or Pattern Layer you can change the transparency of the gradient layer to make the colours more subtle or pronounced.
- A choice of 3 image aspects for the Image Layer to choose from.