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Box Loader Truck

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Any warehouse manager would kill for a heavy-duty hero like this to move the goods.

So many crates to stack, so little time. But when you happen to have a forklift with a magnetic arm, moving boxes goes a lot faster. Unfortunately, warehouses of the future can be tricky to navigate. Solve this puzzle game's secrets to load up the truck on each level.

Forklifts are easy to operate...right?

The packages are ready to be loaded onto the truck, all you have to do is get them there. Move your loader, pick up the boxes, and stack them on the truck to succeed in this puzzle game. It's not as easy as it sounds solve sequence codes, avoid obstacles and treat delicate packages carefully! Complete each taxing task to become the ultimate loader.

The madcap machine is back with many more physics puzzles to solve. These trucks aren't gonna load themselves! Break out a can of elbow grease and start moving the crates.