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Evil Monster Doctor Office: No Shots Run Cute Little Kids in Crazy Hospital

iPhone / iPad
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You ain’t stickin’ that thing in me, you…
you Evil Monster Doctor!

Remember how great it was to be a kid? Well, forget about that and think about one of the really awful things. Getting a shot!

For kids, getting a shot is both frightening and painful. Okay, it may not be as serious as actually getting shot, but for these darling little charmers in Evil Monster Doctor Office: No Shots Run Cute Little Kids Run, it's a nightmare. Especially since the shot-givers are Evil Monster Doctors relentlessly chasing you with a syringe. And their needles are probably dull. So hey kids, here’s an idea: RUN!

You stick me, I’ll sticky you!

They’re coming for you! They have their syringes and an evil, maniacal demeanor. And who knows, they may want to stick your finger. But, as one of these resourceful kids, you are armed and ready to fend off the Evil Monster Doctors.

You are in possession of sophisticated bubblegum weaponry. When Evil Doctors get close enough, blast them with your Bubblegum Gun and freeze them in their tracks with gooey gobs of sticky slop.

Avoid a collision, blast them with your bubblegum gun and collect candy and coins along the way.

But, always beware of the dull needles!

Sure, you can slow the Evil Monster Doctors down, but if they catch you or stick you... it’s game over! Apparently that wasn’t just an influenza vaccination.

Play Single or Multiplayer. Share with friends and get extra candy to buy new characters. This free game is sure to please with hours of entertainment.

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