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Waves & Vibrations

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Apps from Actual Concepts are designed to provide interactive education through fun. This App helps in interactively exploring waves, vibrations, Simple Harmonic Motion and their applications using real time simulations (The list of simulations and activities that can be performed on the simulations are given below).

The simulations are highly touch enabled and are designed game-like so that people would love to play around with the simulations and at the same time can gain a deeper understanding of Science concepts. At the same time these simulations raise the inquisitiveness and help to experiment and find solutions like - "Do you know why you hear the louder sound as an airplane approaches nearer to you? What happens in case of a Mac jet plane? Perform this simulation and its so easy to figure this out yourself!"

The simulations in this App are designed very carefully to mimic the real world scenarios. For example, you can literally drag a mass attached to a spring and see how it oscillates...This gives a Real Lab experience directly on your iPad!

You can touch and drag to apply forces and perform various experiments like what happens when two masses are joined by a single spring, resonance, simple pendulum etc.,

Unlike most of the apps that are present out there, this App offers highly interactive simulations that are real time and highly touch enabled to play around with. This App is a must for your reference library if you are Science enthusiast.

The simulation name and the activity that can be done on the simulation are briefed below -

1. Types of mechanical waves - pulse,triangular,progressive waves
2. Create longitudinal waves - Touch the first particle to set a longitudinal wave. See how such waves are formed.
3. Create Transverse waves - Touch the first particle to set a transverse wave
4. Understand terms - Amplitude/frequency by varying simple parameters and literally observe how the system behaves in each case!
5. Huygens principle of wave fronts
6. Virtual Ripple tank experiment!
7. Doppler effect covering all the scenarios. You have a mic that you can position while the waves are travelling to give you an in depth of understanding of why the sound increases in frequency as an airplane is approaches you!
8. Resonance
9. Understand Phase, phase difference by performing a fun experiment
10. Simple harmonic motion - you can vary several parameters and see the graphical plots
11. Simple pendulum lab - Entire simple pendulum experiments can be literally performed in this experiment. You have a timer to time the oscillations and identify the time period!
12. Harmonics
13. Beats
14. What happens when you connect one pendulum to the end of another pendulum!?
15. Perform several spring-mass system experiments and observe the graphs getting plotted on how the kinetic energy, potential energy, velocity, acceleration changes with time, displacement.
16. Coupled oscillations
17. Forced oscillations
18. Two body oscillations
19. Adding transverse waves,
20. Adding longitudinal waves,
21. 3D simulations of rotating particles creating a transverse wave,
22. Phase/Group velocity visualisations,
23. Reflection & transmission of waves.
For Enthusiasts / Parents - Parents can use this app effectively to make your child practice and learn Science skills from these highly interactive & touch enabled game-like simulations that children would love to play with.
For Students - Students can perform the activities on the simulations presented on several figures.
For Teachers - This app can be used as a classroom tool to supplement teaching that enhances productivity. This app boosts your classroom productivity & provides a fun filled lab experience in your classroom