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TAKUYA's Guitar Lesson “Guitar de POP”

iPhone / iPad
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TAKUYA, the guitarist of ex JUDY AND MARY sold millions copies, produced the original teaching guitar app!

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"Guitar de POP" is a special and unique way to learn guitar. Learn to play guitar at your own pace with techniques and tips demonstrated in full-motion videos.

*The videos only available in Japanese.


- Contains 60-minutes lessons with high quality HD videos!
- Take on 3 different angles, full, right hand and left hand views!
- Slow-motion & Guitar Tabs to follow the techniques!
- Clearly optimized for iPad!

Your teacher is Japanese professional guitarist TAKUYA. He was formerly the guitarist of JUDY AND MARY which sold millions copies. The band was known for their innovative punk, rock, and pop melding of noisy but melodic music in the 1990s. He currently works as a solo artist/producer and also has a project called "TAKUYA and the Cloud Collectors". He lets you see exactly how each music and song should be played.

Discover How To:

- Play the strings like a percussion instrument.
- Play TAKUYA's original chords.
- Learn TAKUYA's theory of picking and chord works.


- The real TAKUYA's sounds recorded only for "Guitar de POP".
- The great curriculum under the supervision of Fumiyoshi Kamo who listed in Guinness World Records "Largest Online Guitar Lesson".
- The whole music and sounds can be quite faithfully recreated.

Play TAKUYA's Hit songs!
7 songs include:

- "Kujira Ju Ni Go" by JUDY AND MARY
- "Sobakasu" by JUDY AND MARY, used as the first opening theme for the popular anime TV series Rurouni Kenshin.
- "G.T.B.T." by TAKUYA
- "Issei No Sei" song written by TAKUYA

This app has also many tips that TAKUYA has found in his career and training methods on how to play the guitar! Get your copy now and be the next TAKUYA!!

Chapter List:

"OVER DRIVE" Performed by TAKUYA

1. Introduction
2. Points of Making Sounds / Phrase Performance of "LOVER SOUL"
3. TAKUYA's Style: Picking #1
4. TAKUYA's Style: Picking #2
5. TAKUYA's Style: Chord Work / phrase performance of "Issei No Sei"
6. Tips of Original Chord Work #1
7. Tips of Original Chord Work #2
8. Start Practicing "OVER DRIVE"!
Performance Lessons of "OVER DRIVE":
9. Point 1: Second Verse
10. Point 2: Guitar Solo
11. Point 3: Bridge after Guitar Solo
12. Full Performance

One Phrase Lessons:
1. "G.T.B.T." by TAKUYA
3. "Kujira Ju Ni Go" by JUDY AND MARY
4. "Sobakasu" by JUDY AND MARY
5. TAKUYA's Original Warm Up Phrase
6. Message from TAKUYA


- iOS: 6.0 or later
- iPhone: 4S/5/5C/5S or later
- iPad: 2 or later

*The video files range from approximately 25MB to 176MB per lesson. Please check enough space on your cellphone to store the file before downloading.
*You need to download the files in internet connected environment. When using a mobile data connection, telephone carrier charges shall apply. Please use according to your packet flat-rate plan or in a Wi-Fi environment.
*Please close other open apps before use because this app requires much memory.

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